About ePet Health

ePetHealth is a free service we offer that provides pet owners with on-line access to their pet's health records. All information on the site is secure and only you can see information about your pet. Click here to get started today.

ePetHealth will allow you to:

  • Manage health services, view upcoming appointments, or follow up on healthcare recommendations
  • Print Pet ID cards
  • Access your pet's medical records after hours
  • Set up reminder email notifications for medication doses
  • Request new appointments and prescription refills
  • Update important contact information
  • View educational health articles and videos


Partnering with the online pharmacy VetsFirstChoice allows us to write prescriptions for your pets and approve new script requests as well as refills that you can then add to your online cart from the screen of your mobile device, laptop, or desktop with a few taps or clicks. And you also have the option to autoship medications and foods that your pet will be on long term so you never run out. All the prescriptions are shipped directly to your home.

VetsFirstChoice is also Vet-VIPPS-accredited, which means they have been awarded a certification by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. This is a very important distinction from many online pharmacies. In addition, they are LegitScript Certified. Prices with VetsFirstChoice are competitive with those of veterinary hospitals and other online pharmacies. They also offer many manufacturer rebates and promotions that can lessen costs even further. Products available range from flea and tick preventatives to heartworm medications to many prescription medications your pet commonly needs.

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